Episode #36: Locked Down In Los Angeles & Cancel Culture With The New York Times’ Bret Stephens

On this week’s episode of the Ann & Phelim Scoop we tackle cancel culture with Bret Stephens. Bret is a columnist for The New York Times and enraged the left when he wrote a column that argued that Woody Allen’s memoir should be published and why Conservatives should care about liberal voices being silenced. Bret highlights why due process, and a fair hearing in public is critical for even the most controversial of people. We also discuss some of the very disturbing revelations about Hollywood actor Mia Farrow as described in the book.

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We also discuss Bret’s latest column about his mother – who fled the Nazis – and as such understands that bad things can happen to good people. She has words of wisdom about the Pandemic. You won’t want to miss this interview. It was originally supposed to last just 10 minutes but the talk was so interesting that we just let it run.

Also in this episode, Bret explains what it’s like to be an anti-Trump conservative and still support many Trump policies. It’s a fascinating and analytical perspective that is rare in the political conversation.

Following the interview, we discussed how we’re continuing to deal with the increasingly draconian regulations issued in California during this pandemic. It seems everyday that our leftist mayor takes away another thing we enjoy in the name of “social distancing.” Is it truly about being “socially distant” or are these new bans coming from mainstream media exaggerations?


We also look at how the technology that has helped us adapt to the changing times. In particular, we discuss how Zoom has made it possible for us to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues. Additionally, in between Zoom meetings and phone calls, we’ve found ourselves very impressed with Dr. Deborah Birx’s performance on the Coronavirus Task Force. And she’s so fashionable to boot! Finally, we read aloud some of our favorite reviews and comments we’ve received on the podcast over the last few weeks. Keep them coming!

Interview With Bret Stephens 1:52
Woody Allen’s Memoir 7:50
Trump & Pandemic 27:50
Immigration & Regulation 32:35
Wrapping up interview 36:11
Draconian measures in CA/Daily Virus 38:16
Coronavirus & technology 41:11
Dr. Birx 42:03
Reviews & Comments 45:38
Night 47:45