The Daily Virus #5 | CBS’s Fake News Scandal

CBS News is the latest media outlet to mislead Americans during the coronavirus. In a recent report, CBS took footage of a crowded hospital from Italy and included it in a segment about New York’s battle with the virus. Is this an “accident” like CBS claims or is this malfeasance? We discuss.

Because we care about you — we listened to Joe Biden’s podcast so you don’t have to. The podcast is called “Here’s The Deal” and it’s anything but a causal conversation with Joe Biden. In fact, it’s highly scripted and continues to lead Americans to question if he’s capable to serve as our president.

In yesterday’s press conference, President Trump invited the “My Pillow Guy”, Mike Lindell, to speak about his efforts to produce 50,000 more masks to help battle the virus. Instead of praising Lindell for his efforts, the media and the left went nuts!

Lastly, we talk about the double standard in media for our world leaders. It seems President Trump and Boris Johnson are working the hardest to battle the virus on a global scale. Unfortunately, they’re getting the most blowback from the media. Countries like Sweden — who are refusing the lockdowns seen across the globe — aren’t getting nearly as much negative coverage as conservative leaders.

We hope you enjoy this episode of the Daily Virus. Please share this with your friends and neighbors. We must get the truth out there!