The Daily Virus #8 | Is This Our Pearl Harbor?

According to the White House, this will be one of the toughest weeks in American history as CCP Virus deaths are expected to rise across the country.  President Trump has given Americans hope that there is “light at the end of the tunnel” but the worst is still to come.  

In the U.K., Boris Johnson has been admitted to the hospital for his struggles fighting the virus.  We wish him well and discuss the Queen’s very rare speech from last night.[0]=68.ARCeZGB-khXOcEIjzJAeE7nr7vrTwiELfJGY5K-JRuDtVoGhZNYHleDtoKdQLDZIQXQLotU2hdUhzWv8QGDlBuC2kFpjR_EbTOmeP_SMWLaYXbho-VJ-MZCpFUmItuYdSei4pyYrHn8AeHwXSBIgO3q6tdkMViRpSPYKc8iBNu_yOTgqeV88asjWUvCiJSeBg9WTtyRWQM01m8Hgi5CybrddWiRG82JY_5GDDCz8Itw-gtm7q_BkVO7pdwXSA2W-JWugSesIPx2H09TZjy8YreY40uPhEfI-hbDSfFwCFBQOgyRjrvLcTGA3kDt0S73O2K38252dUX40wD_qv7Ssm1C2Qs9HZOGwOOwEmUPbRcPT8xkEbZnGva8f&__tn__=-R

We also discuss the history of Trump’s involvement managing the response to the coronavirus.  While the mainstream media likes to say Trump has largely mishandled the crisis – the truth tells a different story.  We discuss an article in the Federalist that chronicles Trump’s history fighting the virus. 

Also on today’s episode we revisit Joe Biden’s podcast (or lack there of), the homeless crisis in Los Angeles and a paddle boarder who was arrested in Southern California for defying the state order!