Episode #23: Phelim Confronts The LA Bike Thief & The Best Of 2020!

It’s been a busy week at the Unreported Story Society. Phelim talks about his recent run in with the Los Angeles “homeless” population and how he managed to stop a thief escape with a very expensive piece of property in Santa Monica — and we have it all on video.

Movie Of The Year 3:59
Trump Cameo Censored 4:40
Best Media Double Standard from CNN 7:00
Best “Puff” Reporting 9:02
The Homeless Opera Singer 10:59
Mayor Pete’s Christmas Message 16:58
UAW Story 20:08
Best Lack of Irony 24:50
Panel on Social Media “Weaponized” 31:40
Rachel Maddow 33:54 Covington Story 37:35
Our 2020 Resolutions 45:00 Turkey Fryer 46:18
Christmas Break Movies 48:58
Bike Story 56:52

On this first episode of 2020, we also look back to the past year and discuss our “best of” lists and the moments we’d most like to remember (or forget!) from 2019.

Last year, Hollywood released some wonderful (and not-so-wonderful) films. Our favorite is Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. And did you hear that a Canadian broadcast company edited Donald Trump out of the Christmas movie Home Alone? They claim there was an innocent explanation but Phelim and Ann are skeptical.