DV #69: A CNN Anchor’s Poorly Aged COVID Tweet

Jake Tapper is one of CNN’s most praised anchors and a very vocal liberal activist on Twitter.  On today’s episode we take a look at one of his early COVID tweets from back in February where he promotes some OUTRAGEOUS COVID statistics that show he and Dr. Fauci are not the most credible pandemic experts. 

We also bring you a heartbreaking story from our friends over at Lockdown Skeptics about a woman in her 90s who traveled to see her daughter dying of cancer.  As you can imagine, she was denied entry to see her daughter in hospice.  COVID rules have created a growing tragedy where so many people are unable to say goodbye to their loved ones.  And yet . . . . you can riot and protest in the streets. 

Also on today’s show we bring you a new study from our friend Phil Kerpen who is working tirelessly to get kids back in school this fall. Finally, we remind you who is responsible for this pandemic as the world continues to point fingers at the wrong person. 

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