#53: DEBUNKING The Sex Trafficking Myth With Reason’s Elizabeth Nolan Brown

You’re probably familiar with sex trafficking which has been publicized in the mainstream media as a widespread horror that traffics thousands of women and young girls into sex slavery.  It’s an issue that the right and left have “joined forces” to combat and have raised millions of dollars to combat.   

Well.  We are skeptical.    

And upon further examination of data and police reports, it appears sex trafficking is nowhere near as common in the United States as you may think.  That’s why we are joined by Elizabeth Nolan Brown of Reason Magazine to debunk the common themes and  misconceptions of sex trafficking.  While we don’t agree with Elizabeth on everything, she is an expert on sex policy.    

Elizabeth’s extensive research exposes the “myths” surrounding one of the biggest public awareness campaigns in recent history and how the issue has been severely misunderstood by the right and the left. She also recommends what people interested in supporting charities that oppose sex trafficking should look for if they’re interested in making sure their funds go to the right place.   

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