DV #70: John Lewis’ COVID Restriction Free Funeral

You can’t go to church and you can’t have a funeral for your loved one . . . but politicians can!  The late Representative John Lewis’ funeral was a shocking display of how the left will break their own rules and edicts when it is convenient for them.  Packed pictures of the funeral showed little to no social distancing and D.C.’s Mayor Muriel Bowser even made quarantine exceptions for funeral attendees.  

Last week we brought you a story of how a public housing apartment building in California led to a China-style quarantine of the building’s residents.  Something similar is now happening in Australia where cases have begun to grow.  

Today we also take a look at the New York Times which appears to be finally admitting that there is a cost to lockdowns and we examine how the Catholic Church is handling the pandemic. 

Also — Phelim explains his interesting new haircut . . . 

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