Daily Virus #29 | Panic-demic!

Panic!  Panic!  Panic!  The curve has flattened in almost every U.S. city and state and now the government is doing all they can to keep the fear and panic going.  Our Mayor in Los Angeles has now implemented a mandatory mask order when you leave your house in Los Angeles.  The lockdown started over 9 weeks ago.  So why now?!  Many public officials are starting to see push back from their residents about their lockdowns and it seems that mandatory mask orders are the new way to keep the lemmings in line.  We’ve gone from pandemic to panic-demic!

We have exciting news from Wisconsin where the Supreme Court overturned the governor’s lockdown!  Now only if we could get that in California . . . Due to the court’s ruling, restaurants and bars are able to open immediately in the state.  

California has released their reopening guidelines for restaurants and they are complete rubbish and not based on science whatsoever.  We tell you some of the ridiculous new regulations that restaurant owners will be facing. 

Lastly, we visit Pennsylvania and a horrifying story of severe nursing home mismanagement that has devastated thousands of families across the state.