#42: James O’Keefe Of Project Veritas On Exposing The Mainstream Media!

Today we update you on the latest draconian lockdown measures in Southern California that are punishing taxpayers while letting the homeless off the hook.  We’re also joined by undercover journalist James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, who discusses his latest explosive story exposing CBS. James really is one of the best journalists operating in the US these days.

Southern Californians have been prisoners in their own homes for weeks due to restrictions  by state and local “leaders”. Well, most Southern Californians at least. On this week’s podcast, we expose how these extreme measures don’t apply to the homeless.

Later on in the show, we’re joined by James O’Keefe, and we discuss his latest scoop exposing CBS faking the news. The channel’s reporters recently broadcast a video of a testing facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan, showing long, long lines of people waiting to be tested for COVID-19. Because of an incredible Project Veritas whistleblower, we now know these lines were faked and included the clinics healthcare workers who posed as patients to make the lines seem more full!

James also discusses the massive pushback against his work over the years and how he has been able to maintain his team’s integrity and results throughout it all.  Project Veritas has seen a full legal assault to try and silence their journalism and James explains how they’ve been able to win lawsuit after lawsuit. We also hear James favorite recipe and the work of art he finds most inspiring.

Like most of you, we’ve been catching up on streaming shows over the last several weeks and in this week’s podcast, we discuss our favorites, including the hit TLC show 90 Day Fiance. The program was popular even before the pandemic hit, but recently, its ratings have skyrocketed! Finally, we want to thank you all again for tuning in each week and leaving so many wonderful reviews of the show on Apple Podcasts. Keep it up! We read and treasure each and every one.