Daily Virus #30 | Pay Cuts For State Workers?

In today’s episode we revisit the Los Angeles County mask requirements and the little tyrants who have put them in place.  It’s been about day since the mask requirement was put in place and so far – people appear to be silently protesting.  Even at the beach where masks are mandatory for all beachgoers many have chosen not to wear one. 

Also on today’s episode we take a look at the background of Dr. Barbara Ferrer.  Dr. Ferrer is the LA County Public Health Director who has faced criticism for her stringent lockdown orders.  It turns out Dr. Ferrer isn’t a medical doctor at all . . . and Red State has done some interesting reporting that further examines her background.  Not only are her credentials in question . . . but so is her salary which totals nearly $500,000 a year.  Yikes!

In yesterday’s press conference California Governor Gavin Newsom announced he would be cutting state worker pay by 10% to help account for the massive shortfall in the state budget.  

Also in today’s episode we talk about the Senators under FBI scrutiny for potential insider trading, Amazon’s sick workers, and countries varying social distancing guidelines.