Daily Virus #24 | Lockdowns Are Not About “Science”

Governors in states like California are claiming their lockdowns are purely based on science . . . but as time goes on and governors are forced to cave on their draconian measures it is becoming even more clear that the lockdowns are purely political.  In California we were awarded a small victory yesterday when Governor Newsom announced we would be moving on to Phase 2 of the reopening.  Phase 2 is not a huge improvement . . . it allows for some nonessential retail stores to reopen which will hopefully allow small businesses to start competing with the big stores like Walmart who have been allowed to remain open despite high foot traffic in these stores.  How is Walmart safer than your local book store?  It’s not!

After Russian doctors complained about lack of protective equipment in the Russian media . . . they have fallen from windows and “committed suicide” in the past few weeks.  Are these truly horrific suicides carried out by these doctors?  Or is this the Russian governments way of silencing whistleblowers?  It seems very similar to the disappearance of Chinese whistleblowers that the media has neglected to cover. 

Lastly we talk about the Pulitzer Prize awards that we released yesterday.  You won’t believe who won.  It seems like the Pulitzer Prize has become the “Fake News Awards.” 

Happy Cinco De Mayo!  We may be celebrating with a few cocktails this afternoon.  We hope you enjoy the day despite the circumstances!