Daily Virus #23 | The Never Ending Lockdown

On today’s episode we talk about the ever changing goal posts of the lockdowns.  From what began as “flattening” the curve has turned into “crushing” the curve.  What comes next?  Our hospitals are NOT overwhelmed and many are expected to file for bankruptcy.  We discuss the governors like Kate Brown in Oregon who have decided lockdown until JULY with very few deaths/hospitalization rates/cases in the state.  How does that bode for the rest of us? 

We discuss more on the governors of America as the Wall Street Journal rolls out their coronavirus grading system.  It’s bipartisan and gives you an interesting look at which governors are handling the crisis the best.  Some of them you wouldn’t expect! 

The Wall Street Journal has yet to release the full list, be we are interested to see how Governor Gruesome Newsom ranks.  He has infuriated much of Southern California with his fact free beach closures.  

Additionally, we discuss how borders between countries have become COOL again!  Isn’t that funny?  The open borders crowd has really changed their tune in the midst of this pandemic.