#41: Has Cuomo DESTROYED New York? With Heather MacDonald!

This week, we bring you two very exciting interviews. First, we’re joined by journalist and commentator Heather MacDonald, and Alana Goodman of The Washington Free Beacon stops by to reveal how the liberal media is conspiring to cover up a possible murder.   

Heather MacDonald joins us from the COVID-19 epicenter New York City and she warns that New York is being destroyed by the lockdown and the panic surrounding it.   We hear how Governor Hotspot is ignoring the reality of his state and treating every county the same – even areas where there have been no cases.   Heather is also an authority on Black Live Matter and we discuss how her facts triggered an actor on Phelim’s play Ferguson and the chaos that ensued.  

Finally, we wrap up the interview asking Heather about her favorite thing to cook and her favorite piece of art. Our guest is quite the cook, so you’ll definitely want to tune in to hear her answer! Especially her divisive views on vegetables.   

We’re also joined by journalist Alana Goodman, who revealed the fascinating story of how it looks like the leftist media may have helped cover up an alleged murder. they tried to pin a death on President Trump after a couple consumed fish tank cleaner, claiming they followed the President’s recommendation that it was a treatment for Coronavirus. Or at least that’s the story the media wanted you to believe. Alana’s work is an incredible piece of journalism and in it she reveals the true story behind those claims. It is a True Crime classic story.