BLM Founder Dodges Our Questions

This week’s scoop is a packed one! Phelim confronts Patrisse Cullors, the BLM co-founder, about giving away millions of dollars in charitable money to her own boyfriend. Of course, this did not go as smoothly as you would hope. But first, COVID madness still goes on in the UK. The former health minister Matt Hancock had 100,000 WhatsApp messages released about mocking people who were quarantined and suggested they terrorize the people of Britain. We then get into interviewing Paul Bois, Breitbart Senior Journalist and Filmmaker, about his new film “Exemplum”. This film is about a young Catholic priest who starts recording his confessions out of paranoia, which turns into an unhealthy obsession of creating psychological profiles on others which then turns into creating his own media show on these profiles. Paul explains how this obsession then creates a wild domino effect of turn of events that reflect on issues in today’s society and culture. Next we discuss how Hollywood continues to create woke movies that nobody asked for, such as Disney’s new Peter Pan movie and the “How to Blow Up a Pipeline” film. Finally, Gavin Newsom fled California during horrific weather instead of staying for the people, especially with the death toll rising due to the snow storms.