Exposing the Trans Contagion

On this week’s scoop we meet with Brandon Showalter, journalist and Podcaster for The Christian Post. We discuss with Brandon about how the trans contagion has plagued the world, and parents are being bullied by doctors and teachers to transition their children. Brandon speaks on a documentary about parents who were victims of this bullying. We also discuss how public schools and social media are feeding into the identity crisis by children. But first, we send our sentiments and regards to James O’Keefe after it has been announced he has resigned from Project Veritas. We continue on with NHS hypocrisy, the disaster of a response to the Chinese spy balloons by President Biden, and how California terrorizes its people over a water shortage. We end with how several iconic characters from children’s books are being re-written to appease the woke crowd. Lastly, we have a send-off with a “Naked and Famous” cocktail recipe.