DV #68: A China-Style Quarantine Comes To A California Apartment Complex

Forced quarantine.  Mandatory testing.  Changed locks.  One California apartment complex has recently lifted their China-Style lockdown that imprisoned nearly 80 residents.  You won’t believe this story coming out of Ventura County, California that sounds like it should be taking place in Wuhan!

Governor “Hot Spot” Cuomo is at it again.  After praising the thousands of Black Lives Matter protests, the Governor is going after a concert for the popular band the Chainsmokers. 

We also visit some more lies of the New York Times and set the record straight using our favorite tool the Worldometer.  It’s truly incredible how far the media will go to push the narrative that the United States is the worst country affected by the coronavirus!

And lastly we discuss some “surprise” quarantine measures from the U.K. that could cause international travel to collapse.  We hope you enjoyed today’s episode of the Ann & Phelim Scoop Daily Virus.  Please consider becoming one of our monthly givers: https://unreportedstorysociety.com/donate/