#46: The MYTH Of Systemic Racism In America! With Special Guest Miranda Devine Of The New York Post!

Systemic racism in America is a MYTH and on this week’s Ann & Phelim Scoop we debunk the left’s narrative that America is inherently racist. This week we are also joined by Miranda Devine of The New York Post — a highly controversial international columnist who is absolutely hated by the left in the mainstream media in three continents!

With Miranda we discuss the nationwide riots and looting that have spread rapidly across the country. Isn’t it interesting that these protesters claim to care deeply about black lives but neglect to mention the thousands of black deaths from abortion and gun violence? Why are some black lives more important than others according to Black Lives Matter?

We also take a look at J.K. Rowling who has come under fire from progressives for her common sense views about transgenderism. J.K. Rowling was once a darling of the left but now the knives are out for her and her franchise! Is Harry Potter cancelled?

Finally we end with a FANTASTIC recipe for Banana Yogurt Walnut Muffins. You’ll love this quick and easy snack! We also want to thank you all again for tuning in each week and leaving so many wonderful reviews of the show on Apple Podcasts. Keep it up! We read and treasure each and every one.