DV #44: Defund NPR

On today’s Daily Virus we discuss the shocking (or not so shocking) news that Starbucks will be closing many of their cafes around the country.  Of course the corporate coffee giant is claiming this is due to the coronavirus – but did the once “elite” coffee chain sacrifice their clientele with their woke policies?  We discuss our experience at New York Starbucks and how progressives may have ruined the coffee chain. 

Protests appear to be the new “church.”  In fact, states across the country face stringent coronavirus restrictions on religious gatherings – but why don’t they apply to protests?  Not too long ago, experts like Dr. Fauci voiced GRAVE concerns about churches reopening.  Where is he on the mass protests that are still happening throughout the country? 

The NPR is holding a similar double standard and is completely outraged that President Trump is considering hosting MAGA rallies again.  Perhaps instead of defunding the police we should be defunding NPR. 

And lastly, the WHO has changed their narrative AGAIN.  We take you through their horrific history of COVID-19 recommendations and show that the “experts” may not be experts at all.