Daily Virus #43 | The WHO Changes Course AGAIN!

A new study has been released that may show that the coronavirus began in China as early as October of last year.  This is months before China alerted the WHO about the virus.  Could more lives have been saved if China had alerted health officials sooner?  Satellite images and data suggest that something significant was happening in the country in October that caused significant ‘social disruption’ to take place.  Was it an earlier spread of the virus?

Also we have some huge news from the WHO that suggests asymptomatic spread of the coronavirus is incredibly rare.  Does this mean that the talk of “super spreaders” was a myth?  Why did we shutdown so many businesses if this is true? 

Also on today’s episode we discuss the incredibly stringent quarantine laws in the U.K. which require travelers to follow a strict lockdown for 14 days that prohibits going to the store or exercising outside.  There is an unexpected loophole which appears to defeat the purpose of the quarantine restrictions.  

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