Will Abortion Be Banned?

This week we take you through the huge and historic news that Roe V. Wade could be overturned according to a leak from the Supreme Court. Liberals are clamoring that this is sure to mark the end of abortion – but we explain why the fear tactics aren’t correct. In fact, if Roe is overturned according to the leaked draft opinion – it won’t come close to banning abortion. We bring you through everything you need to know.

Also on this week’s episode we bring you an update from Manhattan in our production of “Oh Gosnell.” The left does NOT want you to see this play which is why the theater has tried to kill the production. And now – we’ve even got actor walk outs. We share with you clips of the show which clearly point to why prochoicers are terrified of this play. If you’re in New York – please come by and see a show!