Hunter Biden’s Sugar Brother Is Up To No Good

We have more details about what Hunter Biden’s lawyer has been up to – besides spying on our film set, of course. He’s now going around LA with a team of more than 30 investigators trying to figure out how Hunter’s laptop made it out into the public.

One thing that Hunter, and the whole Biden crew, doesn’t dispute? The authenticity of the laptop and the details of Hunter’s misdeeds and corruption. We bring you the details, and updates on the My Son Hunter movie, on today’s show.

Also today, Ann walks through a number of jarring examples of when the mainstream media has accidentally told the truth about abortion. In the leadup to the ruling on Roe v. Wade, liberals continue to lie about what overturning it would do. One thing they hate talking about the most? What abortion actually does. It’s not just a “clump of cells,” it’s a human life. These stories shockingly illustrate how even pro-choice people can sometimes stumble onto the truth of abortion.