The Daily Virus #9 | Is The Virus Racist?

In the latest of absolutely ridiculous tweets from Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she now suggests that the coronavirus is racist because there are more cases in African American communities based on statistics she has shared on Twitter.  We discuss her tweet and her wild claims.

Boris Johnson appears to be on on the up and up after being admitted to intensive care for complications with his battle against COVID-19.  We discuss 10 Downing Street’s handling of the matter which is reminiscent of old Britain and not the 21st century.  

The media has been buzzing about hydroxychloroquine and “respectable” outlets like the New York Times have been sharing their own wild conspiracies about the drug.  It seems like the media **doesn’t** want people to recover from COVID-19 using this drug that has been promoted by the Trump administration.  

Joe Biden has FINALLY released another podcast episode and it’s just as cringeworthy as the last.  We listened so you don’t have to.  You didn’t miss much!

Lastly we revisit the mainstream media and how they create victims, heroes, and villains through their coverage of the Trump administration.  Not too long ago – Peter Navarro was a villain.  Now the mainstream media is singing his praises! 

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