Episode #37: Coronavirus Crackdowns With James Delingpole

On this week’s episode, we are joined by a very special guest from across the pond – James Delingpole!

James is a good friend and journalist at Breitbart. On the podcast, he discusses the most draconian coronavirus regulations and what life is like in Great Britain during this crisis. We also discuss with James what a post-Coronavirus world might look like.

Arguably, China has extended and exacerbated this crisis because of its perpetual attempt to cover up and minimize the origin and spread of the virus from Wuhan. Should we reconsider Western-Chinese relations? This crisis has also made clear just how dependent we are on China, which produces nearly all of the world’s antibiotics.

Additionally, James talks about media’s poor coverage of the pandemic and how damaging such coverage can be. Niall Ferguson of The Hoover Institution at Stanford University also had a few things to say about China’s role in the Coronavirus outbreak. He wrote a spectacular article this week about what China will have to answer for after this crisis is over.

Ferguson listed five questions he thinks must be asked of President Xi about his nation’s response to the Coronavirus. We discuss each one in detail – you won’t want to miss this! Finally, we discuss two huge recent examples of Trump Derangement Syndrome, including one from the New York Times interview with Larry David. Not even a worldwide pandemic will stop the left’s hysterical reaction to President Trump! We wrap up the podcast by covering how we’ve adjusted to spending so much time at home and something adorable we’ve learned about our two cats!