The Daily Virus #4 | Beware Of Gifts From Communists

This week was full of disappointing news on the coronavirus – but we are hoping to bring you a bit of cheer and good information as you start your week!  On Sunday we learned in President Trump’s press conference that the CDC will extend their social distancing recommendations through the end of April.  We explain what that means for you and your family – of course it varies greatly by each state.  In California, it likely means we will be in lockdown for at least another 30 days.

As a result of the lockdown our (not so nice) Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, has decided to close down all of the beaches, hiking trails, and recreation facilities in Los Angeles.  You may have seen crowded beach pictures in states like Florida – but the beaches in California have been largely empty due to the chilly weather.  Now the beaches are closed to taxpayers and they’re open to homeless people!  We tell you about some of the disturbing things we saw this weekend and how the city continues to mishandle the homelessness crisis.

Also in today’s episode we discuss why you should always be wary of gifts from communists.  China is on a MASSIVE public relations campaign to try and curb global opinion of their handling of the coronavirus.  They claim to have made a concerted effort to assist other countries with the handling of the virus.  However, the gifts from the CCP (ventilators, etc) are often turning up broken.  Beware of gifts from Communists!

See you tomorrow for another Daily Virus episode!