The Daily Virus #3 | Fake News And Fake Modeling

As the virus continues to spread throughout the globe, so are half baked “facts” from our politicians, scientists, and the media. Day by day it’s getting increasingly hard to separate fact from fiction. Yesterday we told you about scientist Neil Ferguson who is walking back on his study that kickstarted the lockdowns across the globe. His original death estimates of 2 million in the United States are now being scrutinized by many – but they are still being promoted by our politicians.

We also discuss an article in The Federalist that alleges that the lockdowns we’ve seen across the United States are based on false models from an online mapping tool called “COVID Act Now.” So far, the models have largely overestimated the impact of the coronavirus. This modeling comes from a team based at the Imperial College of London which has a bad track record of predictions.

In today’s episode we discuss other widely shared fake stories like the “death panels” and the amount of hospitalizations in New York. We also discuss the mainstream media and how China is cashing in on the virus.