The Daily Virus #2 | China’s Shady Cell Phone Games, A Very Brief Alcohol Ban, and Lockdowns Across The World

Coronavirus lockdowns are happening all around the world and every country, state, and city is taking drastically different measures to stop the virus and slow the spread. We discuss lockdowns in France and a very short ban on alcohol as well as what is happening in Los Angeles.

Today we also examine the stimulus package that looks likely to be signed by the president very soon.

Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute has an incredibly interesting article in the Spectator that examines the cost of saving lives during the coronavirus. It’s worth the read and highlights some excellent points about public safety, tradeoffs, and the governments role in protecting its citizens.

Also in today’s episode we turn back to China and discuss an incredibly bizarre phenomena that has happened in the country. In China, citizens are heavily reliant on cell phones. It’s their way of interacting with the government and it surrounds much of their daily life. Recently, millions of phones have been disconnected in the country. Why? Is it related to the CCP Virus? We discuss.