The Battle for Sex-Based Rights

Welcome back to the Ann and Phelim Scoop. Over the weekend, we attended the Let Women Speak Rally in Dublin, and let’s just say, it is interesting to see the difference in reactions between Europe, Ireland, America, and the UK regarding trans-madness. In today’s episode, we show who exactly is in the ranks of these trans-rights people and how asking questions is now possibly against the law. We also show you some exclusive photos and videos taken at the rally which prove how the Trans-Movement is not about empowering women or differences in beliefs, but is really about silencing anyone who disagrees with their insanity. 

Also on today’s show, journalist Roisin Michaux joins us to talk about her experiences being an advocate for sex-based rights and more commonly known, a TERF (​​trans-exclusionary radical feminist). She’s a wonderful writer who knows the consequences of the policies that out-of-touch elites are pushing onto the most vulnerable in society. The last item we have for you today is a discussion on whether or not Trump really did condemn Ron DeSantis for signing an abortion heartbeat bill. We investigate what Trump said and what it means for the upcoming election cycle. This is an episode you won’t want to miss!