Hunter Biden Lives In Delusion

In this week’s episode of The Scoop, we have a few topics to unpack! First,the Hunter Biden madness continues! We have a very special guest – Garrett Zeigler. Garrett is being sued by Hunter Biden’s attorney, Kevin Morris, for sharing photos from Hunter Biden’s laptop – that Hunter claims is actually not his. How do you sue someone over contents on a laptop that you deny to own? Hunter Biden and his sugar daddy attorney are nothing short of delusional! Phelim dives into his own encounters with Kevin Morris, as Kevin pretended to be a documentary filmmaker and infiltrated the My Son Hunter movie set in Dubai. Listen as we scoop out all the Hunter Biden details! Next, we also discuss the madness happening in the UK, but especially Scotland. Scotland is aiming to pass a hate crime bill that aims to make it illegal for misgendering people. We also discuss the homeless crisis in Los Angeles and the pro-abortion lies that the media spreads! This is not an episode you want to miss.