How COVID Madness Destroyed Children’s Lives

We don’t want to say we told you so, but we told you so. From the start, the New York Times and other big media were advocating for the lockdown of schools, but they never once thought of how devastating it could be for the children. Now, just three years later, the New York Times is citing COVID-19 as a source of “chronic absenteeism”, a new student phenomenon. Then in this episode, we explain how California is basically guaranteeing its water shortages forever. You’d think one of the biggest, most successful, technological hubs of the United States would figure out a solution, but nope, CA citizens are continuously stuck in a rut. 

Moreover, we discuss how famous Irish singer, Róisín Murphy was canceled for stating the obvious, on her private social media account. This results in another example of why you should never apologize to the Trans mob. Last but not least, we tell the tale of Jimmy Buffet and how he made his money by pretending to be the “everyman”. While we may enjoy and relate to his music from time to time, it’s clear he had problems with commercialization and the very crowd his music is catered to. Then, we end on a light note, sharing a clip of Ann’s stand-up comedy show on the COVID madness. This is an episode you won’t want to miss!