OCTOBER 7 – “You Are My Hero”

Our play, OCTOBER 7, has officially opened in New York City! On today’s episode, we bring you exclusive interviews with our audience to hear their reactions to the play. We were even joined by Shani Arditi, one of the Nova festival survivors we interviewed in Israel, herself for opening night. Her story was amazing – it was compelling and we just had to make it one of the central stories of our OCTOBER 7 play. 

While the media tries to downplay the horror of the Hamas attacks, we worked to make this play so we can share the truth, 100% verbatim. OCTOBER 7 is heartbreaking, eye-opening, and is a show that everyone needs to see. You can buy tickets or support our efforts here https://www.october7theplay.com/

Message from Shani’s mother: 

Hi 🩷 I’m Adi, and I am Shani Arditi’s mother. She is one of the characters in your very important play, but my very real daughter. I am grateful that she is here, with us, alive, and can tell in her own words. There are days that the pain of what we are going through as the Jewish people leaves me breathless. Some days the sadness is deep and dark. But mostly, I choose to be thankful for the private miracle that happened to us, choose to see the rare light that exists around us. And you are a ray of light and hope in human goodness spirit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for seeing us, for the idea to express ‘in their own words’, and for the important voice of each and every one of them that you give meaning to. Hating is easy. Being deaf to the truth requires nothing. Love makes you exposed and vulnerable, but it is the only way to leave a pure mark on the world. I appreciate your pure heart and sending you love beyond time and place. May you always be blessed🙏