OCTOBER 7 – Exclusive Interview With Survivor

We have a very, very special show today. First, we bring you audience testimonies from our play, OCTOBER 7. Then, we have one of the most interesting and moving interviews we’ve ever done. Shani Arditi is one of the Nova Festival survivors we spoke to in Israel. Her story is one of tragedy and hope and resilience, and is one of the reasons our play is so special. She attended opening night, which was a huge surprise for Jenny Anne Hochberg, the actress telling her story.

Both Jenny and Shani join us on the podcast to discuss the importance of OCTOBER 7. This 100% verbatim play is in production now until June 16th! Get your tickets https://www.october7theplay.com/. Lastly, we bring you the latest miscarriage of justice in DC. Seven pro-life activists were unjustly sentenced for violations of the FACE Act in their efforts to save babies from abortion doctor Ceasar Santangelo. You won’t want to miss this story.