Mob Justice and Harvey Weinstein’s Innocence

On today’s episode, we are coming to you live from New York City! We’re here because our play, OCTOBER 7 is opening for previews! This play has never been more relevant as the universities are revealing themselves to be intolerant bigoted and anti-semitic hellholes. Opening night is May 13th and the show will run until June 16th. We’d love you to buy tickets here: . We’d also love if you shared this play with everyone you know and if you could donate to make this project as successful as it can be. 

Also on today’s show, we discuss the new developments in the Harvey Weinstein case. Safe to say, we were right. We’re going to discuss why conservatives should care about Harvey Weinstein’s innocence. Essentially, this case was a failure of journalism, a failure of jurisprudence, and a failure of the rule of law. Lastly, our friend, Bev Jackson from the LGB Alliance, joins us to briefly look at the gender-identity madness again. We’re gonna talk about a recent report and how we might be seeing the beginning of the end for mutilating children in the name of “gender-affirming care”.