Why Jewish Students Are Unsafe At Elite Universities

Instances of antisemitism are increasing across the world. Even at elite universities, Jewish students are suffering at the hands of the “woke” Left. We begin today’s show by talking with Yael Bar Tur, a communications expert and former head of the NYPD social media. Yael gives us shocking details from the recent “protests” at Columbia University. It’s almost pointless to call them protests anymore. In reality, they’re organized efforts by Leftists to bully, intimidate, and harass Jewish students on campus, as they cry for the destruction of Israel. 

We also discuss how Yael uses her skills to tell the truth about Israel and to combat mainstream media’s misinformation. Then, We’re joined by Tom Nelson, the producer of the new movie, Climate: The Movie. You might remember our recent project: Climate Change on Trial, which dissected the legal battle between climate activist Michael Mann and Mark Steyn. Well, Tom was with us during this trial because he is an engineer and a longtime climate-madness skeptic. Tom has just produced a movie about why these climate extremists are the biggest scam ever. You won’t want to miss this episode!