Leading British Actor Laurence Fox To Star As Hunter Biden in Upcoming Biopic

LOS ANGELES – British actor Laurence Fox (“Lewis” “White Lines” “Victoria”) is set to transform into Hunter Biden, the President’s playboy son mired in corruption scandals for the upcoming movie “My Son Hunter.” 

The film chronicles the scandalous lifestyle and dodgy business dealings of Hunter Biden, including the mainstream media’s decision to cover up and ban evidence revealing corruption in the Biden family. 

Hunter Biden earned tens of millions of dollars in deals with foreign entities owned by oligarchs. Much of the film will be set in Ukraine and will center around Hunter Biden and President Biden’s controversial interactions, which were exposed through Hunter’s laptop, discarded in a New Jersey repair shop. 

“I accepted this role not because of the politics, I found it a real page turner filled with humour, astonishing revelations, tension, and drama,” said Fox. “The script is a brilliant, surreal comedy, made all the more surreal and funnier by the fact that all of it is true – he’s a fascinating man and his story is fascinating too.  As an ardent advocate of free speech, it is the role of drama to hold a mirror up to nature. This film is an important push back against creeping censorious monochromatic film making.”

Fox was one of the first British public figures who leftist activists tried to “cancel.” After criticizing critical race theory and systemic racism on a BBC politics programme, Fox was maligned online and fired by his agents. He later forced the actors Union Equity to apologise for their role in the attacks.  Equity said they had made a mistake in attacking him.

In a video announcing his acceptance of the role, Fox said he was delighted to announce the good news that he has been “uncancelled and asked to don my acting shoes again to play Hunter Biden.”

Watch the video HERE.

The laptop was a treasure trove of details about Hunter Biden’s colorful business and personal lives, including messages where he talked about “setting aside between ten and fifty percent” of his foreign “earnings” for President Biden. The story was censored on social media platforms.

Fox said the Hunter Biden story fascinates him “especially the vigor with which the mainstream media continue to try and suppress it.”

“I couldn’t resist the offer to enter his world and tell his truth. On one level we have both been uncancelled. Hunter’s story and Hunter’s truth can finally be told.”

The Fox family is a well-known British dynasty of actors. His father James is a celebrated English actor and his uncle Edward starred in the political thriller “Day of the Jackal.”

Laurence graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) and is a household name in the UK. Most recently Fox, an outspoken anti-lockdown and free speech advocate, launched The Reclaim Party in the UK and ran for Mayor of London.

Veteran actor and famed Bond villain Robert Davi (“The Goonies,” “Licence to Kill,”) will direct the film and plans to bring to the screen what he calls “one of the most underreported stories of recent years.

Welcoming Fox to the movie, Davi said the script “captures one of the most underreported, controversial and important stories of its time.”

Davi added: 

“My Son Hunter” will not demonize and “make a film that is red meat to whatever political party it is trying to reach, I will not do that, it is not a hit piece. “My Son Hunter”  is an exploration of power and pathos, it has satire, heartbreak , humor, addiction, sexuality and transformation. 

One of my biggest concerns was in the casting of Hunter. For Hunter we needed someone who is not just a great actor, but a brilliant mind. Joe Biden has repeatedly said Hunter is the “smartest man” he knows. We also needed someone with the pedigree, edge, emotional range and deep sensitivity. One may think there are many who could play him and that is so. But how many could brilliantly play him?

 I’m thrilled that Laurence Fox will be Hunter Biden.”

The film is being produced by journalists, filmmakers and married couple Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney who also produced and crowdfunded “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer.”

Many journalists and news outlets refused to report the details of his dealings and Joe Biden’s apparent involvement and profiting from his son’s foreign partnerships. Twitter suspended the New York Post newspaper’s account when they broke the story in the run-up to the 2020 election and prevented the story from being shared. Many media outlets erroneously reported that the laptop was part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

McAleer said “My Son Hunter” was about telling the truth in an entertaining way. “The truth deserves to be told and it needs to be seen by as many people as possible.” 

McAleer and McElhiney are originally from Ireland but live in Venice Beach, California.

The film’s budget is $1.8m and shooting begins in Serbia late October and is expected to last four weeks.