Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Faces Disbarment – With Miranda Devine

On this week’s Scoop we bring you the news of our decision to file an ethics complaint against Hunter Biden’s lawyer – Kevin Morris. Morris violated ethics as a lawyer by infiltrating the set of “My Son Hunter” posing as a documentarian when he really was gathering information for his client Hunter. The left thinks they are held to different standards than the rest of us, but we’re here to firmly say that he must be held accountable for his actions. We interview the brilliant journalist Miranda Devine on her book “Laptop From Hell” which has now become part of common lexicon for discussing Hunter Biden. Miranda shares her insight with us on the current state of the DOJ’s refusal to acknowledge Hunter’s offenses and much more. We also discuss the new Marilyn Monroe biopic “Blonde” which the media has now rejected with as much vitriol as they did “My Son Hunter” for one compelling reason.