The Left Rejects “My Son Hunter,” Applauds Environmentalist Film Promoting Violence

The Left can hardly cope with how factual “My Son Hunter” is, so they choose to simply ignore that while attacking the film. Meanwhile, they are loving a new environmentalist film “How To Blow Up A Pipeline,” which encourages violence to end fracking. We discuss these new layers of liberal hypocrisy on this week’s Scoop, including another movie that the left promoted and then turned on because of race. We also share a feature interview with the amazing Gina Carano from our time filming “My Son Hunter” in Serbia, and bring you another tasty air fryer recipe. Don’t forget to watch the film the establishment doesn’t want you to see, and please consider donating to the Unreported Society’s efforts. We have a generous donor offering to match a $50,000 donation, but we need your help. You can donate at