The Woke World Is Coming For Your Kids

It seems like definitions of child abuse are really just in the eye of the beholder, or, in the eye of government-funded NGOs. In today’s episode, we look at the abomination that is the illegal practice of breast ironing and ask how it is any different from the government-funded, trans-promoted practice of breast binding that is being pushed in our schools. Then, we discuss how the New York Times decided to yet again, terrify the public with a totally non-sensical story involving fracking. This article is everything that’s wrong with the New York Times and the research world as well.

We also take a look into the complex life and legacy of deceased California Senator, Diane Feinstein, who is otherwise known as the “last moderate Democrat.” The shocking story of her upbringing proves, you never truly know what’s going on in someone’s life. Lastly, are joined by children’s rights activist and author, Katy Faust, to discuss her new book: “Raising Conservative Kids in a Woke City.” She gives us her insight on tackling this real conundrum of the violation of children’s rights and how to teach historical, economic, and biological truth in a world full of lies. This is an episode you won’t want to miss!