How The Deep State Got COVID Wrong! With Justin Hart

It is finally March and on this week’s scoop, we meet with author and data scientist Justin Hart. We reflect on the COVID mandates and policies for the last three years and how the deepstate got everything wrong. Justin explains how Dr. Fauci had the numbers all wrong and the so-called experts had no issues getting involved in policies that they are not professionals in. We dissect how the government got mask mandates, lockdowns, and school and business closures all wrong, and how those lockdowns and closures affected specifically children’s lives. Not only did they get those wrongs, the government also got their vaccine data wrong. We point out how Big Tech censored those who were trying to speak out against COVID mandates. But first, we have a chat about the weather in California and the hypocrisy that is California leaders and climate activists. Then, we get into an LA Times story about Californians leaving California to Florida, Texas, and Georgia for freedom and the war on logging from climate activists. Finally, we end with talking about verbatim theater in the United States.