Episode #25: Hollywood’s Insane Climate Activists, Trump’s Viral Tweet & The Latest On Megan Markle & Prince Harry’s Royal Exit!

This week on The Ann & Phelim Scoop, the environmental celebrity activists are at it again! Actor Martin Sheen was arrested at a “Fire Drill Friday” protest put on by his Hollywood cohort Jane Fonda. We take a listen to his “climate protest” speech and find out why he was an actor on The West Wing, rather than a writer.

Martin Sheen Gets Arrested 4:20
Cory Booker Drops Out 8:10
Trump Viral Tweet 12:15
Iran/Fracking 15:00
Elizabeth Warren 17:00
Overhaul in regulations 18:42
Mine Your Own Business 22:15
Double donations 25:29
Royal Exit 26:35
Elizabeth Wurtzel 34:20
Homemade stock 42:24
Schlafly 44:57
Party of Five 48:16

Speaking of celebrities and climate change activism, we talk about the latest developments in “Megxit,” the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decision to leave their position as “Senior Royals” and split their time between Great Britain and North America. Talk about a big carbon footprint!

On the podcast, we cover the most popular Farsi tweet on the planet – from President Trump! It may very well lead to a nightmare scenario for the far left in America. In other positive news, President Trump is rolling back onerous environmental regulations – and the New York Times isn’t happy about it.

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