Episode: #26: Why Won’t Hillary Clinton Go Away? Also The Latest On Josh Fox and Project Veritas

Hillary Clinton just won’t go away! Hulu announced that they will be releasing a new documentary on the failed 2016 candidate. Will it include evidence of her corruption or whitewash her history? We suspect it will be the latter.

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Josh Fox is back! You might remember Fox as the producer of the documentaries Gasland and Gasland II, which helped to destroy the fracking industry in upstate New York, leaving thousands of farmers out of work. Fox also has a history of lying about fracking and we bring you the latest lies from the filmmaker on this week’s episode.

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas is out with another shocking video, this time about the Bernie Sanders campaign. A Sanders campaign staffer was caught on video praising gulags and preaching violence.

Also, “woke” Twitter exploded recently after a video of actor Vince Vaughn speaking with President Trump at a football game went viral. It’s the most recent case of Trump Derangement Syndrome!

A new art show entitled “Abortion is Normal” is currently open in New York – you won’t believe some of the pieces on display. Unsurprisingly, none of them include any information about the actual abortion procedure – something we outlined in our 2018 film Gosnell. Finally, Ann provides instructions on making a delicious – and easy – bread pudding that we’re sure will be a hit at your brunch table.

Thank you to all of you who supported us so far. We hope you enjoy this week’s episode!

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Josh Fox 4:30
The Truth is Changed Trailer at 15:00
Project Veritas video 23:30
Gulag Stories 28:30
Vince Vaughn 32:35
Hillary Clinton Documentary 36:34
Art Exhibition 40:07
Gosnell Clip 44:30
Bread pudding 50:29
To End All Wars 51:59