DV #80: Cuomo Exempts Celebrities From Quarantine

New York has some of the most stringent quarantine laws in the country – but they’re not for celebrities!  Ahead of MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMAs) the state has decided to exempt all performers traveling to the event.  This includes major celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Machine Gun Kelly and more.  But if you want to visit a relative in New York and neglect to quarantine – you could be facing hefty fines. 

Also on today’s episode we share with you a story of the disastrous socialized medicine in the U.K.  If you were already concerned with the left’s rabid push for single payer healthcare – this story will sadden and shock you. 

Finally, we bring you an important story from our friend Lionel Shriver.  The left wants you to believe that the coronavirus is inherently racist.  But is it really?  Lionel shines a light on some other contributing factors that likely debunks this theory.

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