#57: Escaping California – Everyone Is Fleeing From Blue States To Red States!

Let us begin by saying, we are not leaving California (for now), but we know so many folks who are.  We used to think the “exodus” from blue states to red states was a media myth – but not anymore.   

We’ve lived in Los Angeles for years and are now watching our friends leave in droves.  We spent last weekend in Idaho with friends who are looking to relocate to the state and today we tell you exactly why they and others are hoping to make their “Calexit.”   

We used to think that Calexit was a bit of media hype.  Occasionally you’d hear stories of people leaving for Florida, Arizona, and Idaho.  Now those stories are becoming much more frequent.  In today’s episode we share our experience with Calexit and the migration of families from red to blue states.  

We also speak with a local real estate agent in Idaho who shows us why so many families are fleeing.   During our trip to Idaho, we met real estate agent Terry Akins, who showed us some gorgeous properties around Boise. Terry joins us on the show today to discuss why so many people are deciding to leave California.

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