DV #79: Americans Severely Overestimate COVID Risk!

On today’s episode we examine some data from our friend Justin Hart who illustrates just how much Americans overestimate their risk of the coronavirus.  You’ll be shocked (but not surprised) by how dangerous Americans believe the virus to be!  We take a look at the fear versus the reality. 

Also on today’s episode we bring you another story of the hypocrisy of the elites.  This one is from Ireland which has some of the most strict lockdowns in the world.  In a country where funerals and christenings are being cancelled or postpones – elitists are breaking their very own rules. 

We also bring you a story from a Texas university where students are making pacts to avoid testing and coronavirus quarantines. 

Finally, we have good news from LA County.  Hospitalizations have dropped drastically – so why are we still locked down?

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