DV #73: The Race To Herd Immunity! With Data Expert Justin Hart!

We are so happy to welcome our friend and COVID-19 data expert Justin Hart back on the show!  On today’s episode we discuss the race to herd immunity and how the United States must work to achieve herd immunity instead of implementing new stringent lockdown measures.  Even Governor Andrew “Hot Spot” Cuomo is opening schools in New York because he believes the virus has run its course in the state. 

On today’s episode we also discuss the true risk of COVID-19.  Are you more likely to die from playing football than the virus?  Are older Americans more likely to die from driving a truck than from COVID?  Justin breaks it down for us!

Also on today’s episode we discuss the victimhood mentality that fuels COVID-19 restrictions.  If you enjoy this episode — please consider becoming a monthly giver!  Donate here: https://unreportedstorysociety.com/donate/