DV #72: Debunking The New York Times

The New York Times is absolutely out of control — and no one is fact checking their lies.  Today we dissect one of the most outrageous claims from “The Paper Of Record.”  Is America really the worst modern country in the world in terms of containing COVID-19?  Is the virus overtaking our daily lives?  If you’ve been a loyal listener to the show — you’ll know the resounding answer is NO!

The New York Times wants you to believe that America has been the worst at containing the spread of the coronavirus for a first world country. That is patently false. Belgium, The United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, and several other countries have a higher death per million rate than the U.S.

Also on today’s episode, we take a look at one of the latest COVID-19 hoaxes.  You may have heard of an Arizona State University professor dying of COVID-19. . . . the story is completely untrue.  

We also take a look at Twitter and Facebook’s new censorship against President Trump and give you the facts about how “immune” children really are to COVID-19.  Big tech is on the wrong side of history on this one! Children have a greater chance of dying from another cause in California than they do the coronavirus. But of course — according to the left — we should keep schools closed.

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