DV: #67: John Waters On Exposing Mask Hysteria & Hypnosis!

Our good friend John Waters made a splash last week with his viral video exposing the lunacy behind the cult-like mask wearing that has taken over the world.  The video was retweeted by James Woods and many others and has created quite the splash!  We speak with John about the video and why he believes that there’s much more to the cultural push behind mask wearing than you might think.  He also explains why the video was taken in the first place and how an asthmatic in Ireland faced controversy when they refused to wear a mask. 

We also discuss with John the new disappointing decision  in the Supreme Court that allows the discrimination against churches in Nevada to stand.  Why do casinos have more rights to open in Nevada than churches?

Finally we discuss the latest insanity in Los Angeles where business owners were fined for having “We’re Open” signs outside their businesses.  You won’t believe the story of these heartless California bureaucrats who punished business owners who were already struggling.

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