DV #66: The Radical Wish List From LA’s Mayor

Never let a crisis go to waste!  Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has a new list of demands for the federal government to account of LA’s massive budget shortfall due to the pandemic.  Los Angeles, like most of California, is still in lockdown.  Garcetti’s city also is now considered one of the biggest hot spots in the country for coronavirus.  The Mayor’s wish list is long and includes radical demands like UBI (Universal Basic Income), extended unemployment insurance, and more. 

We also discuss the latest on the WHO!  It’s a good thing President Trump decide to withdraw taxpayer funding for the organization . . . one leader of the group was caught pushing pro-China conspiracy theories.  You have to hear this story that further shows the WHO may be bought and paid for by China. 

Also on today’s episode we discuss politicians flip-flop on masks, a shocking “bull stat” from the NHS, the risk of dying of COVID if you’re under 45 and much more! 

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