DV #64: Cuomo’s Nursing Home Coverup

The “powers that be” are working overtime to try and coverup for the biggest scandal of COVID-19 — Governor Cuomo’s disastrous policy that forced COVID positive patients back into New York nursing homes.  Since his policy was widely publicized, Cuomo has received criticism from the right and left.  However, the tides are changing and the left is working frantically to coverup Cuomo’s mistake.  From Fauci to the New York Times — the power players are trying to push Cuomo’s scandal under the rug.  We bring you the details on today’s Daily Virus!

Also on today’s episode we revisit Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti’s, handling of the coronavirus.  Mayor Garcetti is doing the TV circuit warning Los Angeles of another full lockdown.  We take a trip down memory lane when Garcetti allowed a massive event to overwhelm the city in March. 

Finally we bring you an awful story of a friend who is working tirelessly to keep her business alive in Santa Monica, CA.  Our dear friend owns a Mexican restaurant and the government lockdowns and COVID red tape are making it nearly impossible to survive. 

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