DV #63: COVID Analyst Phil Kerpen Joins Us To Talk Nusing Homes, Data, Lockdowns & More!

Phil Kerpen is our latest COVID expert on the Daily Virus!  You may have seen his brilliant commentary and analysis on Twitter @Kerpen — he’s been debunking the media hysteria about the pandemic from the start.  Phil is the president of The Committee to Unleash Prosperity which advocates for free market policies in government.  You’ll love his analysis on the virus from topics that include data reporting, Cuomo’s nursing home debacle, testing, and much more!

Also on today’s episode we revisit the hydroxychloroquine debate.  Apparently, hydroxychloroquine is beginning to be “cool” again after politicians slandered the drug and even banned it in many states as a treatment for COVID.  We personally know someone who benefitted miraculously from the drug who was battling the virus — we take a look at how politicians let politics get in the way of a drug that has helped many people. 

Finally we give you a look at the international response to the pandemic.  In Ireland, students are going to see a shocking new application of “affirmative action” that could adversely affect thousands of students in the country.  We also take a look at England and a story that could call into question the country’s data reporting.  

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