DV #62: COVID Data Expert Justin Hart Joins Us!

We are very lucky to be joined by COVID-19 data expert Justin Hart today!  Justin is a data whiz in San Diego who has dedicated his time to exposing the truth about the virus.  

As you know, the mainstream media is using COVID facts and figures to fit their narrative.  They use phrases like “staggering case numbers” and “crowded hospitals” — but are those characterizations accurate?  Or is it more fear porn?  Justin breaks down the truth about cases, deaths, and hospitalizations and explains what we should and shouldn’t be concerned about. 

We also visit the hot political topic of returning to school!  As you may know, the death rate for children with COVID-19 is nearly zero.  Deaths among children have become a statistical anomaly.  We discuss with Justin why its important parents should have the option to send their kids to school in the fall. 

We hope you love this first episode of the Daily Virus featuring a guest!  Let us know who we should have next.  Stay tuned!